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Group volunteering

Whether you're a bunch of friends who want to support a charity together, or a company who are looking to organise a team day, we can set up a challenge for you.

We've already worked with teams of up to 10 people doing fundraising, painting and decorating in houses, gardening, and skill shares. Every group is different and we tailor the experience to suit.

Have a think about what skills and experience you have within your group and what kind of activity you would like to be involved with.

There are three simple rules to group volunteering:

1 - The activity must alleviate some of the work Independent People already does
2 - The activity must obviously benefit the young people we support
3 - The volunteer group must gain from the experience.

Please contact Tom Dunn on thomas.dunn@1625ip.co.uk or 0117 317 8800 
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