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Floating Support

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The Floating Support Service  - Bristol

We run Bristol’s specialist young people’s Floating Support service for 16-21 year olds. 
22-24 year olds may still be referred to the service if they have complex needs or have a strong preference for the service. 
We can not accept clients with dependent children (living with them) as there is a specialist service for them (Bristol Young Parents Alliance (BYPA) www.placesforpeople.co.uk)
We typically support people with things like resettlement, prevention of homelessness, accessing more appropriate accommodation and any other relevant issues which prevent them from becoming homeless. 


The first thing we do when someone is referred to us is make an assessment to see if we are the best service for them. If we feel another agency would better suit support needs, we'll help link in with them too. We work with a range of agencies, as well as internal projects, we can signpost young people to depending on their needs.
Signposting to: 
  • Private rented sector worker
  • Bristol Youth Links
  • Internal Mental Health, EET and Future 4 me specialist
  • Landlord & Family mediation
  • Financial inclusion officer
  • Peer support mentors
  • Referrals to specialist agencies
Young people needing a higher level of support will be offered a full support service with an allocated support worker meeting weekly or biweekly with the client.
Full Support Service Includes:
  • Setting up a new tenancy and fundraising for essential items.
  • Budgeting and financial inclusion
  • Understanding rights and responsibilities
  • Explore all options of more suitable housing, including returning to a family home. 
  • Mentoring and Advocacy
  • Welfare benefits support and advice
  • 24 hour telephone support and evening opening
  • Education, Employment and training
  • Practical and emotional support
  • Life skills and accreditation
  • Positive activities

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The Floating Support Service - South Gloucestershire

In South Gloucestershire we offer a support-only service to people aged 16-25 who have their own housing (whether social or private including B&B). We provide emotional, social and practical support to help people to maintain their housing using a Support Plan.

The Support Plan covers the following five points which are part of the Every Child Matters program:
  • Be healthy
  • Stay safe
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Achieve economic well-being


We can help young people to have a voice in situations they don't feel confident in, such as meetings with professionals, family etc... We can help by briefing the young person about the content and meaning of a meeting, enabling them to prepare appropriate responses and speaking on their behalf if necessary (and always with the young person's consent).

Access to Specialist Services

We can advise young people on contacting support services that may improve their situation or wellbeing e.g. counselling, training or liaison with other relevant agencies. We can also accompany them to appointments and help with filling out forms.

Support and resources - South Gloucestershire


We offer:

  • Support to maintain a tenancy for up to 2 years
  • Support finding more suitable accommodation
  • Help with setting up a home when a tenancy is signed
  • Help applying for benefits
  • A flexible support plan to meet needs
  • Financial advice
  • Help with finding work and training and accessing other specialist services
  • Someone to talk things over with
  • Help with volunteering and work experience
  • Dealing with isolation and loneliness
  • Confidence building
  • Accessing education, employment and leisure services


We offer:

  • A named support worker
  • Stationery and postage for letters
  • Telephone and internet access
  • Advocacy and advice from a trained member of staff
  • Referral to specialist services such as counselling
What can be expected from the floating support service:
  • Weekly or fortnightly meetings with a professional and highly trained support worker
  • A quick response to referrals
  • A confidential service
  • Detailed assessment of the young person’s needs
  • A detailed and flexible action plan tailored to meet the individual needs of each young person
  • Non-judgemental impartial advice on any problems faced by young people
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- Drop-in service (South Gloucestershire ONLY)


- CONNEXIONS Personal Adviser Support (South Gloucestershire ONLY)

As well as housing support we provide a Connexions Personal Adviser (PA) Service to help young people aged 16-19 to access learning and employment opportunities, as well as a range of informal activities.

Support offered can include:
  • Looking into appropriate courses as well as leisure and community activities; exploring employment opportunities
  • Support applying for jobs
  • Setting achievable goals in relation to training/education/employment;
  • Developing action plans to achieve these goals
  • Support accessing Careers Guidance; contacting Welfare Advisers at colleges
  • Support can be provided to help access travel and childcare costs, as well as costs for materials
The Connexions PA can work with anyone who is:
  • 16-19 and homeless or at risk of homelessness and not currently working with a Connexions PA
  • Moving from their local PA
  • Needing extra input in relation to housing OR
  • Wanting assistance with finding or maintaining Education, Employment or Training


- Leaving care personal adviser service

Support is available to young people leaving local authority care who would prefer to have a Personal Adviser independent of the Children and Young Peoples Department.

Please contact our office or the young person’s Social Worker for further information.

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